For Sale: Pure-bred Connemara Colt


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Sire: Capparis Champagne Charlie
Dam: Glenormistion Riona
Colour: Buckskin
Height: mature around 14+h

Born 1st December 2017.  This stunning and handsome little fellow would be a valuable asset to any stud.  A future show/performance stallion in the making with proven performance bloodlines in his pedigree.

Born buckskin but will most likely go grey.  He stands tall and proud even as a young foal.  Available as a future stallion prospect at this stage.  Will only be available as a gelding if not sold as a stallion prospect in due course.

Both parents are very sensible and quiet ponies.  Capparis Champagne Charlie resides at Dun Manus Connemara Stud.  This young colt is an exciting opportunity for anyone looking to breed pure and part bred Connemara show/performance ponies.  He will not disappoint!


Available to suitable home only.  Price $X,XXX.XX incl GST.  Enquiries to Michaela Adams on 0439 760 842. More photos and information available upon request.  He needs to be sold before we decide to keep him 🙂 photos are from Christmas Day.

Two New Foals & Three New Homes :)


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Dylanglen Stud is pleased to announce the arrival of two new foals.  Strickland Park Diamond Lil and Glenormistion Riona are now very proud mothers of two handsome looking pure-bred Connemara colts.

Smokey was first to arrive.  Born 26th November.  It appears that he could be a smokey black colour.  Sire: Celtic Buster O’Hara, Dam: Strickland Park Diamond Lil.  He is a friendly little fellow with loads of character.

These photos of cute little Smokey are just under one week old.

It would be nice if he one doesn’t grey out, we will wait and see…

Our next foal was Rio’s.  Born 1st December.  Sire: Capparis Champagne Charlie, Dam: Glenormiston Riona.  It appears that this one could be born buckskin.  Rio is keeping careful watch over this one, her first foal.

These photos are one day old photos.  He stands tall and proud at only one day old!  Showing off his presence.

Rio is a great natural mother.  We are still thinking of a name for this cutie.

Many thanks to Matt Lawry for taking photos for us yesterday!

Dylanglen Snowy River is also growing rapidly!  Sire: Glenormiston Snowfox, Dam: Dylanglen Miss Millicent.  Future potential plus as a performance/show part-bred.

He has quite a strong and solid build with nice ground covering movement.

He is also quite playful and cheeky!

Three ponies have also found wonderful new homes over the last couple of months.

Dylanglen Red Baron has found the perfect home with Jody and her two girls.  He may be getting spolit rotten though hahahaha!  He has settled in very well and it is great to receive updates of his progress.  He is proving himself as a pony for the whole family.

Jody says “Dylanglen Red Baron officially the bravest boldest pony I have met! The builder tells me he has been visiting the home site to help keep things in order.. Not through a gate I mite add…. Even went up on top of the mound of dirt to meet the moving excavator!” So it sounds like Red Baron has things under control… hahahaha!

Dylanglen Ajax is also settling in well into his new home after a long trip.  We thank Chad & Rachel for the photos and updates!  Ajax has found himself a fellow connemara buddy too.

These photos are the from the day that Ajax arrived.  He is clearly loving the attention!

He survived the trip from Rand to Tweed Heads quite well.  It didn’t take long for him to have a munch on some grass.

Dylanglen Honey Rose went to her new home yesterday in the rain and thunderstorms.  She settled down quite well considering the weather!  It is nice to see her sold to a home in our local area as we will get to see her out and about 🙂

These photos are from Shae-lee shortly after her arrival.  We wish you all the best with this very special girl.

Just thought I would add a bit more foal spam to finish up! ❤

The mares and their foals ❤



Culcairn Show 30th September 2017


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Dylanglen Stud took Asham Maverick, Yggdrasil Babette & Dun Manus Mathilda to the Culcairn Show this year.  Asham Maverick came home with two reserve champions and one champion!!  Another extremely successful day out for Maverick & one of the most successful shows for Dylanglen Stud to date (along with last weekend at Lockhart).

Asham Maverick Results:

Champion Led Pure-Bred Connemara

First Led Pure-Bred Connemara Stallion, Colt or Gelding

Reserve Champion Led Native Pony

First Led Native Pony Stallion, Colt or Gelding

Reserve Champion Led Pony Stallion

First Led Pony Stallion or Colt

Dun Manus Mathilda Results:

Third Led Pure-Bred Connemara Mare or Filly

Third Led Native Pony Mare or Filly

Yggdrasil Babette just out of the placings today.

It was great to see that the Connemara Classes were well represented with 5 pure-bred ponies and 2 part-bred ponies.  The judge commented that the Connemara Class was the biggest stud pony class of the day which was nice to hear.  There are 4 ponies in the line up pictured below.

It was a no pressure day for our first show with the girls.  They handled everything with no fuss and behaved perfectly!  They were all such good ponies.

Maverick waiting in-between classes, this photo was taken while the mares were in the ring.  He was a bit closer to all the nice looking mares today at Culcairn (not as much room as there is at Albury or Lockhart) but Maverick handled himself like a true  gentleman…of course!  He also had to see what all the fuss was about at the side show.

Yggdrasil Babette in the show ring.  Her first show with us and she behaved perfectly.  Led classes only for this year.

Thanks again to Matt Lawry our photographer while also on daddy duty.

Dun Manus Mathilda is also at her first show with us after only having been at Dylanglen Stud for the past few months.  Like Babette, Tildy is an absolute sweetheart!

Our beautiful girls in the line up today.

Tildy in the show ring.

The slightly windy day didn’t seem to upset any of the ponies, lucky the sun was out!

Maverick taking a stroll to the show ring…

Maverick in the show ring.

Three of the mares in the Connemara Class today.  Thank you to Linda Loscavo for sponsoring the Connemara Classes!

The boy in his Native Pony Class.

A combined effort today with John Adams driving the truck and travelling the ponies, Marion Adams washing & preparing ponies for the ring, Kirsty Adams washing, preparing ponies for the ring & showing in the ring, Matt Lawry washing & being photographer, Michaela Adams showing ponies in the ring & looking after Maverick.

We are so proud of this boy for his first show season.  Champion Pure-Bred Connemara at Albury Show, Lockhart Show & Culcairn Show so far…

Lockhart Show 24th September 2017


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Dylanglen Stud took Asham Maverick to Lockhart Show this year.  Another extremely successful day taking home the Supreme Led Breed Horse of the Show!  Words cannot express our delight and Maverick will be well rewarded with his dinner tonight!


Supreme Champion Led Breed Horse

Champion Led Pure-Bred Connemara

First Led Pure-Bred Connemara Gelding, Colt or Stallion

Our congrats to Garnet Silhouette & Jody Riordan for winning Reserve Champion Pure-Bred Connemara & thanks again for being our cheer squad for the supreme ring! 🙂  Go the Connemara’s!!!

Maverick loves getting out and about and having everyone fuss over him.  He is taking to the show scene like a duck to water & is improving with every workout.  He likes to show you how smart he is!

Maverick in the show ring.  Thanks again to our photographer Matt Lawry.

Maverick in the show ring.

Maverick in the show ring.  He is such a gentleman.

Maverick winning Champion Led Pure-Bred Connemara.

Maverick and his photo shoot after winning Supreme Led Breed Horse.  He is taking the opportunity to have a rest.

Despite the wind it was actually a beautiful day out in the sun with a perfect temperature.  It was another combined effort today with John & Marion Adams preparing & travelling Maverick, Matt Lawry being the photographer & Michaela Adams showing him in the ring.

Thank you to for sponsorship of the Garland and the gift voucher.

Albury Show 17th September 2017


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Dylanglen Stud took Asham Maverick to Albury Show this year and had a very successful day with him.  He just loves all the fuss and attention he receives at the show and his behavior could not be faulted.  He was washed yesterday on a cold and windy day and he was such a good boy!  He absolutely loved his day out today!


Champion Led Pure-Bred Connemara

First Led Pure-Bred Connemara Colt/Stallion

Unfortunately we missed watching the last class…. we must have forgotten about it during the excitement! Our congrats to Clairvale Eibhlin from Clairvale Connemaras for winning the Champion Ridden Pure/Part Bred Connemara.

It was great to see entries in all the Connemara classes today at Albury Show and hopefully there are even more Connemaras there next year!

Maverick is such a gentleman.  Michaela took him in the show ring today for his class and he did everything he was told without fuss.  It was their first time in the show ring together, Maverick’s second show and his first how with us.  We could not be happier!

Maverick in the show ring.  Many thanks to the photographer today Matt Lawry.

Maverick in the show ring.

Maverick in the show ring.

Maverick in the show ring.

Maverick in the show ring.

Maverick in the show ring.

Maverick and Michaela, happy with how he went in his first class.

Michaela teaching Ryan how to stand the pony up for photos.  Ryan was the junior handler today at every chance he could be, helping mummy.

Maverick relaxed at the end of the day.  It was a combined effort over 2 days with John being the driver/handler, Marion washing him/making him up on the day, Matt washing/handling/photographer, Kirsty with washing, Michaela showing/handling and Ryan helping wherever he could!  Also thanks to Jody and her girls for being the cheer squad lol!



Dylanglen Stud Latest News


Firstly we welcome the arrival of Strickland Park Diamond Lil and Ballyshannon Sinead to Dylanglen Stud.  It is very exciting to be able to add these two beautiful mares to our Stud breeding program.  Strickland Park Diamond Lil comes in foal to Celtic Buster O’Hara.

Strickland Park Diamond Lil (above & below)
Sire: Blandings Ryan
Dam: Blandings Amalfi

Click on the link below to view Strickland Park Diamond Lil full pedigree:

Ballyshannon Sinead (above & below)
Sire: Monahan Gumnut
Dam: Mungala Fair

Click on the link below to view Ballyshannon Sinead full pedigree:

Dylanglen Stud is also extremely excited to welcome Asham Maverick as well.  His dam, Glenormiston Rosslea, is a full sister to our Glenormiston Rossmore, (dec) sire of Dylanglen Buffy and Dylanglen Ringo Starr.  Thank you Lynette for this fabulous opportunity!

Asham Maverick (above & below)
Sire: Castle Baron
Dam: Glenormiston Rosslea

Click on the link below to view Asham Maverick full pedigree:

Above photos taken shortly after ponies arrived, during April 2017.

We are also pleased to announce the safe arrival of two healthy colt foals, Dylanglen Mahoney (bay, DOB 03/03/2017) and Dylanglen Amadeus (buckskin, DOB 06/04/2017).

Dylanglen Mahoney (above & below)
Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock
Dam: Dylanglen Amber Rose

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Mahoney full pedigree:

Dylanglen Amadeus (above & below)
Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock
Dam: Dylanglen Buffy

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Amadeus full pedigree:

It is lovely to receive these photos of Dylanglen Titan with his family in QLD ❤ thank you Gemma!  What a great family pony!

Dylanglen Titan (above & below)
Sire: Newlands Gideon
Dam: Garnet Oseille

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Titan full pedigree:

Titan is certainly one very happy pony.

Dylanglen Ajax and Dylanglen Silhouette will also be heading off to their new families later this year.

Dylanglen Ajax (above)
Sire: Garnet Liberty
Dam: Woodstock Deltora

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Ajax full pedigree:

Dylanglen Silhouette (above)
Sire: Garnet Liberty
Dam: Garnet Oseille

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Silhouette full pedigree:

Yggdrasil Babette is currently at the breakers.  We are very excited about preparing her for her future riding career and anticipate the grandchildren riding her in due course!

Yggdrasil Babette (above)
Sire: Clairvale Padraic
Dam: Strickland Park Diamond Lil

Click on the link below to view Yggdrasil Babette full pedigree:

Dylanglen Red Baron has been sold to a performance home in our local area.  We look forward to seeing him under saddle in the near future and attending pony club with his new future rider.

Dylanglen Red Baron (above)
Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock
Dam: Dylanglen Buffy

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Red Baron full pedigree:

Dun Manus Una has settled well into life at Morven since her arrival in February this year.  She has become very good friends with Dylanglen Spirit (little Larry) running the fence together playing games, it is so cute!

Dun Manus Una (above)
Sire: Capparis Champagne Charlie
Dam: Mollys Corbaille

Click on the link below to view Dun Manus Una full pedigree:

Dylanglen Miss Millicent (below) is in foal to Glenormiston Snowfox.  Fingers are crossed for a future part-bred performance ‘gelding’ out of this combination.

A huge congrats must go to Janine and Dylanglen Blizzard for winning the Prelim 1.2 Dressage Test at Aonach during March this year!  There was some great competition so job well done!  They also looked awesome in the Beersheeba Challenge too.

Dylanglen Blizzard (above & below)
Sire: Blandings Beamish
Dam: Dylanglen Buffy

Michaela also took Dylanglen Spirit (Larry) for his first competition under saddle and his first dressage test.  Enter at A, halt at X, shy at C and the judges car, but Larry completed the test and we had fun doing it!  Although Larry does think that they walk too slow in the parade (hahahaha).

Dylanglen Spirit (above)
Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock
Dam: Dylanglen Breanna Breeze

Aonach photos taken by Matt Lawry, other photos above taken by Michaela Adams during April 2017.


New Year News


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Firstly we welcome the safe arrival of our gorgeous little black/grey filly.  Sire: Garnet Liberty, Dam: Garnet Oseille.  She has been named Dylanglen Luna.  (changed from Dylanglen Midnight as Luna will grey out)


She was born on the 5th January 2017 and these photos were taken when she was a few days old.  Needless to say we are very pleased about this little arrival.


She is a full sister to Dylanglen Silhouette (sold) who is also black, pictured below.


These photos of Silhouette were taken by Che Hetherington, thanks Che!


Garnet Liberty & Garnet Oseille make beautiful babies ❤


Both mother and new baby are going well, grazing in the paddock.


The above cute photo also had to be included!

We must also officially welcome our new pure-bred Connemara mares to Dylanglen Stud.  Yggdrasil Babette, Garnet Wattle Brae and Strickland Park Diamond Lil who is in foal to Celtic Buster O’Hara!  Exciting times are ahead for Dylanglen Stud with this great mix of pure-bred mares and bloodlines.


Above photo is Yggdrasil Babette (Sire: Clairvale Padraic, Dam: Strickland Park Diamond Lil) upon arrival, photo taken by Che Hetherington.


Above photo is Garnet Wattle Brae (Sire: Glenormiston Thady, Dam: Corrib Park Macushla) upon arrival, photo taken by Che Hetherington, thanks again Che.


Above is Wattle on Christmas Day.


Above is a Christmas Day photo of Babette because that is all you could do, she is all over you with kindness this pony!  Strickland Park Diamond Lil (Sire: Blandings Ryan, Dam: Blandings Amalfi) will arrive at Dylanglen Stud once her current foal is weaned.

Dylanglen Token (formerly Dylanglen Sir Galahad) has settled in very well into his new home in Victoria and is progressing well with his training.  Sire: Blandings Beamish, Dam: Mildred (TB)


Token, nicknamed Dylan, is destined to become a breeding performance stallion, and the first part-bred Connemara stallion from Dylanglen Stud.


Dylan is very smart and has a lot of future performance potential.  We thank Kim for the wonderful photos of his progress.


Dylan looks so cute in his stable.  Nice and comfortable!


Above photo is Dylan upon arrival at his new home.  We wish Kim and Dylan all the best for their future!

Dylanglen Spirit (Larry) has come back into work after having over six months in the paddock due to other commitments.  He has not put a foot wrong and is coming along very nicely under saddle, considering he is still green.


Michaela is training Larry to become Ryan’s future kids pony.  Ryan has started to have little ‘lead line’ rides on his Larry pony.  Ryan is very keen to ride the ponies too!


Larry is in training to compete under saddle this year!  He is so cute and so much fun to ride.  He is quite forward moving but comfortable at the same time.  & he loves all of the attention too!  Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock, Dam: Dylanglen Breanna Breeze.

A pure-bred Connemara filly born at Morven.


, ,

Dylanglen Stud is pleased to announce the birth of a filly foal out of Celtic Shimmer by Newlands Gideon.  Born black with a white blaze.  Shimmer is a very protective mother so the new filly is in very good hands.  Born 25th November 2016.

img_0646-2The little filly is starting to unravel nicely, and she is keeping Shimmer on her toes!  Shimmer does not want us to get too close to them yet, unless Matt has their food of course…!


The filly is one day old in these photos, and we are still thinking of a name.


Thank you Shimmer for having a filly foal, just what we ordered – yay!!!



For Sale: Pure-bred Connemara Colt


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Pure-Bred Connemara Colt


Sire: Garnet Liberty
Dam: Woodstock Deltora
Colour:  Buckskin
Height: mature around 14h



Born 3 October 2016.  A stunning buckskin colt with a white blaze.  This solid and handsome young man would be a great asset to any stud, with some rare bloodlines on the dam side.  Half brother of Dylanglen Sahara.


Quality future show and performance prospect.  Great movement.  Nice temperament.  Available upon weaning before we get to attached to him.  Price $X,XXX incl GST.


Photos taken when he was 1 -2  weeks old.  Inquisitive little fellow.


Above: Coming up to check out the camera.


Another photo of cuteness.


And the last newborn photo is when Deltora won’t let you near them.

Dylanglen Stud Flood Sale – Prices Reduced


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Due to the recent floods at Rand combined with John’s health, Dylanglen Stud has decided to reduce prices and have a “Flood Sale” in order to reduce our stock numbers.

If you are looking for some good quality young stock of the hunter/performance type with sound conformation and excellent temperament then one of these ponies could be for you!  The reduced prices do not reflect reduced quality!

Dylanglen Miracle SOLD – Reduced to $X,XXX

Pure-Bred Connemara Mare


Sire: Celtic Basil
Dam: Glenormiston Siobhan
Colour: Grey
Height: 14-14.1h
Born: November 2011

Dylanglen Miracle is bred for performance, and she is built for it as well.  She has a kind, friendly and sweet nature however, she is a mare that needs time and patience in your approach as she can get a little nervy at times.  She is not currently being used in the stud breeding program and we do not have enough time to work with her and take her to her full potential.  She is ready to be broken-in and commence a riding career.  Miracle would be suitable for an experienced teenager or adult with the right training.

Dylanglen Sir Galahad SOLD – Reduced to $X,XXX

Part-Bred Connemara Colt (Not Gelded Upon Request)

IMG_9476 (2)

Sire: Blandings Beamish
Dam: Mildred (TB)
Colour: Grey
Height: expect to mature 15.2+h
Born: September 2012

Dylanglen Sir-Galahad has also been bred for performance.  He has a kind and gentle nature and is easy to work with.  He likes to please you.  He is ready to be broken-in and commence his ridden career.  His TB dam was very successful at pony club and his sire is currently under saddle in Tasmania.  He has nice ground covering movement, with good impulsion & athleticism.  Galahad has the ability to excel in any chosen discipline.  With his temperament, he would make a great companion for any adult or teenager with the right training.  Half brother of the famous Dylanglen Blizzard (same sire).

Dylanglen Red Baron SOLD – Reduced to $X,XXX

Part-Bred Connemara Gelding

IMG_2106 (2)

Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock
Dam: Dylanglen Buffy
Colour: Bay
Height: expect to mature 14.1-2h
Born: January 2014

Dylanglen Red Baron is an outstanding show hunter/performance prospect.  He has a nice and easy going temperament and is very friendly in nature.  He is a bit more demanding for your attention!  He is very smart and is a quick learner.  He has loads of potential and would be suitable for any chosen discipline.  Baron is nearly ready to be broken-in and commence his riding career.  He will be a mount suitable for adults as well as children with the right training.  A full brother of Dylanglen Red Emperor (currently under saddle in Victoria) and a half brother of the famous Dylanglen Blizzard (same dam).  These boys are all lovely ponies with proven bloodlines.

Dylanglen Cosmic Paradise – Reduced to $X,XXX

Part-Bred Connemara Gelding

IMG_9615 (2)

Sire: Dash to Paradise (TB)
Dam: Dylanglen Miss Millicent
Colour: Chestnut
Height: expect to mature 15.2+h
Born: April 2015

Dylanglen Cosmic Paradise has a rather inquisitive nature.  A very friendly personality that loves all of the attention, and the one who follows you around the paddock!  He is also very smart and picks things up rather quickly.  He has lovely movement and loads of potential as a future performance horse.  He would also go well in the show ring.  Full sister of Dylanglen Deliliah, retained at stud.  To be gelded before leaving the stud.

Dylanglen Honey Rose SOLD – Reduced to $X,XXX

Part-Bred Connemara Mare

IMG_2206 (2)

Sire: Blandings Beamish
Dam: Dylanglen Amber Rose
Colour: Bay
Height: expect to mature 14.1-14.2h
Born: September 2012

For sale due to unforeseen circumstances.  This sale has been a hard decision for our stud as original plans were to retain this mare.  Honey Rose is ready for breaking-in and further education.  She is bred for performance with proven bloodlines.  She has a nice temperament although she tends to be more standoffish rather than all over you.  Suitable for performance and the show ring.  Honey Rose is potential plus and would suit both teenagers and adult riders with the right training.  Half brother of the famous Dylanglen Blizzard (same sire).

Full pedigrees are available for each pony on our website, except for Dylanglen Sir Galahad due to bloodlines of dam being unknown.  More photos and information available upon request.  Only knowledgable and experienced homes will be considered.

Watch this space!!!  The stud is currently in discussions about further reducing our stock numbers with the possibility of offering more ponies for sale in the near future.

Genuine enquiries only to Marion or Michaela Adams at or leave a message on our Facebook Page “Dylanglen Connemara Stud”.  Ponies are priced to sell.  All prices include GST.

All ponies have the potential to be very successful ponies in their future endeavors.