Enquiries about our Ponies are always welcome.  Please take note of Dylanglen Stud conditions of sale as listed below.  All prices are quoted in $AUD and include GST.


  • We require a NON-REFUNDABLE holding deposit on any pony if it is to be held by a potential buyer for any purpose e.g. vet check, obtaining funds, travel by potential buyer.  $800 & under = $80 deposit, over $800 and under $3,000 = $200 deposit, $3,000 & over = $300 deposit.
  • Pony will be considered SOLD upon full payment of purchase price to the first person making such a payment unless a NON-REFUNDABLE holding deposit is paid.  Exception applicable on the day the potential purchaser is travelling to view the pony.
  • Vet check is at the purchaser’s expense.  Vet check is also to be arranged by the purchaser.
  • Full payment is required BEFORE any pony leaves Dylanglen Stud.
  • At any given time before a deposit is received, we reserve the right to change the price of any pony for sale.
  • At any given time before full payment is received, we reserve the right to withdraw any pony from sale for any reason the stud deems fit.  If buyer default, for example a serious default in your payment plan, then a refund of monies paid will be issued excluding the non-refundable deposit.  If seller default, for example a serious injury, then a full refund will be issued which includes the non-refundable deposit.
  • Transport is to be arranged and paid for by the purchaser.
  • We cannot guarantee adult heights of ponies when sold as young stock.  It is up to potential buyers to visually inspect ponies and/or make their own best assessment.
  • Ponies are taught to lead and tie up before leaving Dylanglen Stud.
  • We cannot and do not “hold” ponies after purchase/deposit because we hand-feed most of our ponies.  Arrangement for pick-up/transport must be made within 2 WEEKS of purchase/deposit.  No pony can leave the premises until FULL purchase price is paid.  Otherwise an agistment fee will apply.
  • Agistment will be charged daily @ $10 per day if the purchased pony is not transported from Dylanglen Stud within 2 WEEKS after full payment/deposit is received, unless other prior arrangements have been made with the Stud.
  • Any vet bills incurred after purchase/deposit will be at the new owner’s expense while at Dylanglen Stud on agistment.
  • THERE IS NO REFUND AFTER PAYMENT.  We strongly recommend insuring the pony once full payment is made.  

Should you have any queries regarding the above CONDITIONS OF SALE please do not hesitate to contact us.

Email:  dylanglenstud@outlook.com     Facebook:  Dylanglen Connemara Stud