Dylanglen Stud is pleased to announce the safe arrival of Samarah Park Gidget at Morven.  She is a cute little Clydesdale x Thoroughbred filly with a friendly and inquisitive nature.  She has a white blaze and one white sock.  She looks like she could be a liver chestnut.  Tara had the camera ready for her arrival.


Gidget has settled in nicely over the past couple of days thanks to Uncle Wizard, a Thoroughbred gelding who is currently looking after her.  He is doing a great job, as we expected.  Dylanglen Deliliah is a little disappointed though because she has temporarily lost her playmate.


Gidget (Gidge as Tara calls her) is Tara’s first purchase for Dylanglen Stud.  Tara has always had a secret obsession for Clydesdales so we went looking for a Clydesdale Cross filly to purchase.  Gidge took Tara’s eye almost immediately.


When Gidge is old enough, she will be broken-in to become a Pony Club/Adult Riding Club/Show Horse for Tara.  When she has her first break, she will be put in foal.  Lot’s of exciting plans ahead for little Gidge.