Dylanglen Whispering Jack arrived a week before Easter, an early Easter present you could say.  A stunning bay colt foal with a little white star.  He is named after his dam (Curraglen Whisper) and grand-sire (Exmoor Irish Jack).  Whisper has some very rare bloodlines.  To finally get another foal from her makes us feel like we have won the lotto!

We were not actually ‘expecting’ this foal.  Curraglen Whisper has been running with Gracefield Park Atlantic Swirl for at least 2 years now.  We thought, after all of this time, that Whisper may simply be too old to get in foal at her tender age of 23.  We are so glad that we were wrong!  Dylanglen Stud is over the moon with joy and excitement to receive this little Easter surprise!

Our Swirl is a great dad, and the family are very happy together.  Whisper banished Swirl from the shelter once Jack was born and Swirl was a complete gentlemen about it.  He gave up his place under the shelter for them, even during a week of rain, which says alot about our sweet boy Swirl!  Whisper is born to be a mother.  She is very happy with herself indeed and is taking great care of her new baby.

Jack is a half brother to our champion gelding Dylanglen Ringo Starr (same dam) and is also a half brother to the beautiful Dylanglen Shadow (same dam).  Whisper always passes along her lovely sweet nature and we expect that there will be no exception with little jack, who already comes up to say hello.  Jack is also the first foal bred from Gracefield Park Atlantic Swirl.