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Dylanglen Stud took Dylanglen Blizzard and Garnet Serenade to Henty Show this year.  Dylanglen Blizzard was led by Janine and Garnet Serenade was led by Michaela & Matt.  Glenormiston Riona was an apology because unfortunately John could not make it.

 Dylanglen Blizzard (Part-Bred Connemara)

Garnet Serenade (Pure-Bred Connemara)


Dylanglen Blizzard Reserve Champion Part-Bred Connemara

Dylanglen Blizzard First Part-Bred Connemara Male Led

Garnet Serenade First Connemara Mare/Filly Led

Garnet Serenade Third Buckskin Mare/Filly Led

 Blizz was excited to be out.  Serenade was a little nervous.  Henty was Serenade’s first show ever and it was Blizzard’s first Agricultural Show outside of Young Stock Shows he has attended in the past.  Both of them behaved extremely well even though Serenade made faces ALL day because she did not like her make-up.  Our ponies still attracted attention inside and outside the show ring with people coming up to us asking what breed they are and telling us how lovely they look.  No pressure on the ponies for this show, our Stud just wanted a nice hassle free day out! and that was what we got!

Special thank-yous for the day must go to:

  • Marion & Kirsty for washing the ponies,
  • Kirsty for preparing their make-up and platting,
  • Michaela, Janine & Matt for showing the ponies in the ring,
  • Janine for driving the ponies to the venue and for the use of her float,
  • Michaela & Matt for being the photographer,
  • and John for his help in the morning!

A great day was had by all.  You can certainly count on a Connemara if you want a great day out!