Dylanglen Stud is very happy to finally be able to announce the safe arrival of our first imported Connemara Pony.  We are extremely excited about our new purchase and we thank Wembleybrook Stud for the opportunity to purchase this beautiful pony.

Introducing Wembleybrook Maera, a pure-bred Connemara mare from NZ

IMG_4737 (2)

She brings new bloodlines into the stud, only sharing Connaught of Millfields in her pedigree.  Purchased as a brood mare, she is an important out-breeder and will play a major role in maintaining the genetic diversity among our future breeding stock.

IMG_4738 (2)

She handled the trip very well and has now settled into her paddock next door to Riona, Serenade & Twilight.  Pictured above saying a special hello to Ryan (as all the ponies do).

IMG_4708 (2)

She is a beautiful bay mare with good height, good bone and a friendly personality.

Click on the link below to view Wembleybrook Maera full pedigree:


Our next piece of exciting news is to announce the arrival of our latest pure-bred Connemara filly by Gracefield Park Briar Rose x Garnet Liberty.  Another super looking filly born this season and we are super happy about it!

IMG_4262 (2)

We have decided to name her Dylanglen Rose Petal.  She looks to be black/brown at this stage.  Both mum and baby are doing well.

IMG_4347 (2)

We couldn’t be happier with this little beautiful little filly.

IMG_4368 (2)

IMG_4374 (2)

A Dylanglen Bonny Blue Update:  Bonny Blue is now named Bonny Bay.  We are not sure whether she will actually grey out or not now after loosing her foal coat.

IMG_4381 (2)

Bonny is a very solid little filly (Celtic Kathy O’Hara x Newlands Gideon).  Gideon is good at throwing his solid bone in his offspring.

IMG_4258 (3)

Bonny is another gorgeous filly from the current season.

Dylanglen Silhouette (Garnet Oseille x Garnet Liberty) is another filly born for the season.  It appears that she is a dark smoky buckskin rather than black due to the colour of her eyes.  She has her dad’s eyes.

IMG_4701 (2)

It looks like Garnet Oseille and Garnet Liberty are a great combination because this little filly is a real stunner, especially with her tiger eyes.  She stands tall and proud and she is only days old.

IMG_4560 (2)

IMG_4665 (2)

Our cute little girl checking out the camera (above).

We have been very lucky this season with mostly fillies being born & it looks like our first Connemara palomino could be our first Connemara perlino.  We have to get her colour tested but we can confirm that she is a blue-eye creme.

IMG_4638 (2)

We are still yet to come up with a name for her (Woodstock Deltora x Dylanglen Shamrock).  She does have long legs and loves to run.

IMG_4689 (2)

IMG_4424 (2)

Woodstock Deltora going for the early spring run and her foal is in the lead.

IMG_4433 (2)

And then Deltora catches up again.  This filly loves to use her long legs!

We are now waiting for Dylanglen Breanna Breeze to have her foal by Gracefield Park Atlantic Swirl in the very near future.