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Matt woke up and looked out the kitchen window to check on the ponies.  He was very surprised to see what he saw on this particular morning of the 21st of October.  So out we go to investigate…

IMG_7146 (2)

Our surprise on this particular morning was a beautiful little chestnut filly with two white socks (one front and one back) and a white blaze just like her mother’s.  It did answer the question as to why Gidget was getting so fat…

IMG_7129 (2)

She is a nice and compact little filly with broad shoulders and long legs.  Pictured above and below playing on the day she was born.

IMG_7126 (2)

This little one was not planned or expected so it is good news that all went well and both mother and daughter are doing fine.  It seems that Samarah Park Gidget has been hatching her own plans for a while, with the help of mother nature!

So, if it was a surprise foal, who is the sire you ask?  The story comes next…

IMG_7124 (2)

  After alot of intense thought and discussion as to what may have happened, we do have a suspect based on previous evidence, evidence we remember because it was rather unusual at the time.

Based on large hoof prints found inside the front gate next to Snow Fox’s paddock one morning (many months ago…) we think that this may actually answer that question for us!  What makes it hard to conclude is that no stallion has escaped at Morven over the past 12 months and Gidget was not mated with a stallion, so to speak…  Also, upon finding these hoof prints we checked the paddock and all ponies were exactly where they should be, no-one was out???  We hope to find out that this filly is by Snow Fox, his first foal.  A DNA test will confirm the sire.

IMG_7197 (2)

Officially introducing Dylanglen Midnght Amore, a name we think is appropriate for her creation.  The next few photos (& the one above) were taken when she was nearly one week old.

IMG_7201 (2)

Uncle Wizard looks after Gidget and little Midnight Amore.  Wizard has now become overbooked with little Cosmic Paradise needing an uncle too.

IMG_7205 (2)

Gidget is an excellent mother and very protective, a natural.

IMG_7211 (2)

Midnight Amore is a healthy, happy and playful filly.  The vet agrees & also quite liked her.

IMG_7214 (2)

Potential future adult riding club horse (hopefully part-bred Connemara).

IMG_7254 (2)

Friendly and Inquisitive.

IMG_7283 (2)

She loves going for a run.

IMG_7289 (2)

Dylanglen Stud is absolutely delighted to welcome this beautiful surprise filly into the herd!

IMG_7296 (2)

The final couple of photos of our surprise girl were taken today.

Photos taken by Matt Lawry & Michaela Adams.

IMG_7329 (2)

IMG_7353 (2)

IMG_7323 (2)

We think she is a stunner!