Dylanglen Stud (Michaela) went to Holbrook Show on foot this year to assist Janine & Emily Saunders (team Blizz) with Dylanglen Blizzard.  Another wonderful day with team Blizz achieving some fantastic results yet again!

IMG_7823 (2)


First Fun Ring Best Groomed Horse & Handler Led Over 14h ne 15h

First Fun Ring Pair of Riders 15 Years & Over

First Fun Ring Ridden Grey Horse or Pony

Second Fun Ring Rider 17 Years & Over

Second Ridden Connemara

Third Fun Ring School Pony

Third Fun Ring Ridden Galloway Over 14h ne 15h

Third Led Show Hunter 14h ne 14.2h

IMG_7439 (2)

Em’s first class for the day was best groomed led horse & handler and she was off to a great start!

IMG_7442 (2)

Em’s second class for the day was rider 17 years and over.

IMG_7447 (2)

IMG_7449 (2)

Em rides Blizz very nicely.  The competition should be worried!

IMG_7467 (2)

Next up was pair of riders 15 years and over.

IMG_7476 (2)

The ponies did a fantastic job not splitting apart even once.  Blizz was a very good boy for his first pairs class with Em.

IMG_7477 (2)

Nice halt girls!

IMG_7494 (2)

Winners are Grinners!

IMG_7543 (2)

First ridden grey horse or pony.

IMG_7676 (2)

The beginning of the school pony workout.

IMG_7689 (2)

That yellow thing makes some noise when Em gets it going!

IMG_7702 (2)

And Em includes a back flip in her workout as well!

IMG_7703 (2)

IMG_7704 (2)

IMG_7705 (2)

IMG_7707 (2)

Then Em runs around behind Blizz and re-mounts from the wrong side!

IMG_7708 (2)

It was a brilliant workout for their first attempt at School Pony together.

IMG_7851 (2)

Janine has learnt that when you own a Connemara Pony, chances are your kids will steal it!  Welcome to the club Janine 🙂

IMG_7912 (2)

And Em’s strapper gets a ride as well.

IMG_7937 (2)

Janine suffering from the loss of her pony, all in good fun.

IMG_7965 (2)

Toby is enjoying the ride, giving his mate a pat.

IMG_7776 (2)

 Janine has her first ride at the end of the day, showing off her ribbon from the led show hunter class.

IMG_7782 (2)

IMG_7789 (2)

Feeling the pinch after losing her pony for the day, all in good fun.

IMG_7802 (2)

IMG_7805 (2)

Blizz is clearly enjoying life with this family. It is great to see him out and about.  Em is doing a great job on a pony who hasn’t even had a year under saddle yet.  Unfortunately we accidentally missed the led part-bred Connemara class.