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Dylanglen Stud is very happy to announce the safe arrival of Petajack Belle at Morven.  She arrived on Thursday and has settled in nicely. A lovely Pure-Bred Connemara Mare standing 13.3h Sire: Glenormiston Oliver, Dam: Wattle Hills Liberty.  Thank you to Jo at Woodstock Connemara Ponies for the chance to purchase this beautiful mare.

IMG_8537 (2)

Belle has received alot of attention since she got here and she is loving it!  Such a quiet and friendly little pony.  Michaela purchased Belle to teach the kids how to ride and handle ponies.  She will primarily reside at Morven and go to the local pony club with Michaela and Ryan.  Kirsty and her girls are also joining pony club this year and will be riding Belle as well.

IMG_8512 (2)

She is currently residing across the lane way from Newlands Gideon and they are staring and chatting to each other.  Little does she know that Giddy is probably her next boyfriend so they are off to a good start!  I think Giddy knows what is going on somehow…  So Belle will have some time off to have a foal in the near future.

IMG_8534 (2)

The above 3 photos were taken today (Saturday).  The next 2 photos were taken on Friday and the last 2 photos were taken on Thursday after she arrived.

IMG_8485 (2)

Belle is also in the closest yard to the house for Ryan, so he can visit her and feed her.  She has already started developing her bond with Ryan and he loves to feed the ponies!

IMG_8486 (2)

Ryan and daddy are trying to get Belle under her shelter.  Belle followed Ryan straight in!  She actually followed Ryan all around her yard…  Ryan loves her!

IMG_8403 (2)

As soon as she arrived she was straight into her food.  She has put her weight back on since arriving here all the way from Milton!  She is in great condition for 20 years old.

IMG_8475 (2)

Click on the link below to view Petajack Belle full pedigree:


Her sire, Glenormiston Oliver, is the full brother of a stallion we once owned years ago, Glenormiston Rossmore.  Rossmore was the sire of the very successful Dylanglen Ringo Starr.  We are particularly delighted to have progeny from Oliver here at Dylanglen Stud.