Dylanglen Spirit (Larry) had his first day at Pony Club today.  Ridden by Tara Roberts, both pony and rider had a fantastic day together, even through the overwhelming heat.  His spunky little attitude makes him a lot of fun.  Thank you to Josh Mccrea for taking photos for us!

IMG_9169 (2)

He is a very forward moving pony and really covers ground.  He also has a lovely natural rhythm to go with it.

IMG_9140 (2)

Larry is a very smart boy and picks things up rather quickly!  He is also a pony that is willing to work for you as well.

IMG_9146 (2)

His first go at bending today.

IMG_9154 (2)

Above is Larry being cute, as always.

IMG_9161 (2)

He loves attention and loves being ridden.

IMG_9164 (2)

He has huge potential as a super games pony.

IMG_9167 (2)

He was learning barrels today.

IMG_9168 (2)

Trotting through the barrels.

IMG_9173 (2)

Larry and Tara going for a canter.

IMG_9174 (2)

Larry is not showjumping yet, Tara is just cantering him around the jumps.

IMG_9175 (2)

Larry was so well behaved for a green broken pony.  Tara had so much fun with him and no problems at all.  They were a perfect combination today considering this is only the second time Tara has ridden him.  Happy as Larry!