Dylanglen Titan (Sire: Newlands Gideon, Dam: Garnet Oseille) has settled in very well into his new home in Queensland.  We would like to congratulate the owners on their new purchase.  They could not be happier with him and he has already become part of the family.  He is in training to become a future kids pony for the children, but will remain a pony for the whole family.

titan 5Above is Titan when he arrived in Queensland.  It is so good to see him arrive safe and sound.  He coped with the trip very well.  Titan was broken-into saddle by Ritchie Whitehead before leaving Dylanglen Stud.

titan 3

He is progressing nicely and quietly under saddle.  Well behaved and eager to please.  He is a very sweet natured pony and a quick learner.  His new owners love riding him!  It is good news all round!

titan 4We are so happy to see Titan looking so relaxed and at ease at his new home.  He is creating his bond with each family member.

titan 1

Titan’s new life as the family pony and it suits him nicely!  It is wonderful when your ponies go to good homes as they deserve!  The new owners are going to have lots of fun with this lovely pony!  We can’t wait for future updates.

titan 2