Firstly we welcome the arrival of Strickland Park Diamond Lil and Ballyshannon Sinead to Dylanglen Stud.  It is very exciting to be able to add these two beautiful mares to our Stud breeding program.  Strickland Park Diamond Lil comes in foal to Celtic Buster O’Hara.

Strickland Park Diamond Lil (above & below)
Sire: Blandings Ryan
Dam: Blandings Amalfi

Click on the link below to view Strickland Park Diamond Lil full pedigree:


Ballyshannon Sinead (above & below)
Sire: Monahan Gumnut
Dam: Mungala Fair

Click on the link below to view Ballyshannon Sinead full pedigree:


Dylanglen Stud is also extremely excited to welcome Asham Maverick as well.  His dam, Glenormiston Rosslea, is a full sister to our Glenormiston Rossmore, (dec) sire of Dylanglen Buffy and Dylanglen Ringo Starr.  Thank you Lynette for this fabulous opportunity!

Asham Maverick (above & below)
Sire: Castle Baron
Dam: Glenormiston Rosslea

Click on the link below to view Asham Maverick full pedigree:


Above photos taken shortly after ponies arrived, during April 2017.

We are also pleased to announce the safe arrival of two healthy colt foals, Dylanglen Mahoney (bay, DOB 03/03/2017) and Dylanglen Amadeus (buckskin, DOB 06/04/2017).

Dylanglen Mahoney (above & below)
Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock
Dam: Dylanglen Amber Rose

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Mahoney full pedigree:


Dylanglen Amadeus (above & below)
Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock
Dam: Dylanglen Buffy

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Amadeus full pedigree:


It is lovely to receive these photos of Dylanglen Titan with his family in QLD ❤ thank you Gemma!  What a great family pony!

Dylanglen Titan (above & below)
Sire: Newlands Gideon
Dam: Garnet Oseille

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Titan full pedigree:


Titan is certainly one very happy pony.

Dylanglen Ajax and Dylanglen Silhouette will also be heading off to their new families later this year.

Dylanglen Ajax (above)
Sire: Garnet Liberty
Dam: Woodstock Deltora

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Ajax full pedigree:


Dylanglen Silhouette (above)
Sire: Garnet Liberty
Dam: Garnet Oseille

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Silhouette full pedigree:


Yggdrasil Babette is currently at the breakers.  We are very excited about preparing her for her future riding career and anticipate the grandchildren riding her in due course!

Yggdrasil Babette (above)
Sire: Clairvale Padraic
Dam: Strickland Park Diamond Lil

Click on the link below to view Yggdrasil Babette full pedigree:


Dylanglen Red Baron has been sold to a performance home in our local area.  We look forward to seeing him under saddle in the near future and attending pony club with his new future rider.

Dylanglen Red Baron (above)
Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock
Dam: Dylanglen Buffy

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Red Baron full pedigree:


Dun Manus Una has settled well into life at Morven since her arrival in February this year.  She has become very good friends with Dylanglen Spirit (little Larry) running the fence together playing games, it is so cute!

Dun Manus Una (above)
Sire: Capparis Champagne Charlie
Dam: Mollys Corbaille

Click on the link below to view Dun Manus Una full pedigree:


Dylanglen Miss Millicent (below) is in foal to Glenormiston Snowfox.  Fingers are crossed for a future part-bred performance ‘gelding’ out of this combination.

A huge congrats must go to Janine and Dylanglen Blizzard for winning the Prelim 1.2 Dressage Test at Aonach during March this year!  There was some great competition so job well done!  They also looked awesome in the Beersheeba Challenge too.

Dylanglen Blizzard (above & below)
Sire: Blandings Beamish
Dam: Dylanglen Buffy

Michaela also took Dylanglen Spirit (Larry) for his first competition under saddle and his first dressage test.  Enter at A, halt at X, shy at C and the judges car, but Larry completed the test and we had fun doing it!  Although Larry does think that they walk too slow in the parade (hahahaha).

Dylanglen Spirit (above)
Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock
Dam: Dylanglen Breanna Breeze

Aonach photos taken by Matt Lawry, other photos above taken by Michaela Adams during April 2017.