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Dylanglen Stud took Asham Maverick, Yggdrasil Babette & Dun Manus Mathilda to the Culcairn Show this year.  Asham Maverick came home with two reserve champions and one champion!!  Another extremely successful day out for Maverick & one of the most successful shows for Dylanglen Stud to date (along with last weekend at Lockhart).

Asham Maverick Results:

Champion Led Pure-Bred Connemara

First Led Pure-Bred Connemara Stallion, Colt or Gelding

Reserve Champion Led Native Pony

First Led Native Pony Stallion, Colt or Gelding

Reserve Champion Led Pony Stallion

First Led Pony Stallion or Colt

Dun Manus Mathilda Results:

Third Led Pure-Bred Connemara Mare or Filly

Third Led Native Pony Mare or Filly

Yggdrasil Babette just out of the placings today.

It was great to see that the Connemara Classes were well represented with 5 pure-bred ponies and 2 part-bred ponies.  The judge commented that the Connemara Class was the biggest stud pony class of the day which was nice to hear.  There are 4 ponies in the line up pictured below.

It was a no pressure day for our first show with the girls.  They handled everything with no fuss and behaved perfectly!  They were all such good ponies.

Maverick waiting in-between classes, this photo was taken while the mares were in the ring.  He was a bit closer to all the nice looking mares today at Culcairn (not as much room as there is at Albury or Lockhart) but Maverick handled himself like a true  gentleman…of course!  He also had to see what all the fuss was about at the side show.

Yggdrasil Babette in the show ring.  Her first show with us and she behaved perfectly.  Led classes only for this year.

Thanks again to Matt Lawry our photographer while also on daddy duty.

Dun Manus Mathilda is also at her first show with us after only having been at Dylanglen Stud for the past few months.  Like Babette, Tildy is an absolute sweetheart!

Our beautiful girls in the line up today.

Tildy in the show ring.

The slightly windy day didn’t seem to upset any of the ponies, lucky the sun was out!

Maverick taking a stroll to the show ring…

Maverick in the show ring.

Three of the mares in the Connemara Class today.  Thank you to Linda Loscavo for sponsoring the Connemara Classes!

The boy in his Native Pony Class.

A combined effort today with John Adams driving the truck and travelling the ponies, Marion Adams washing & preparing ponies for the ring, Kirsty Adams washing, preparing ponies for the ring & showing in the ring, Matt Lawry washing & being photographer, Michaela Adams showing ponies in the ring & looking after Maverick.

We are so proud of this boy for his first show season.  Champion Pure-Bred Connemara at Albury Show, Lockhart Show & Culcairn Show so far…