Curraglen Whisper


Curraglen Whisper
Sire: Home Vale Quantas
Dam: Tyn-Y-Rhos Ele
Height: 14h
Colour: Grey

photo above: with Gracefield Park Briar Rose during 2010
photo below: with Newlands Gideon during 2008

Whisper & Gideon

Curraglen Whisper is our second oldest Pure-Bred Connemara mare.  Her bloodlines are rare and very valuable to our Stud.  We are extremely thankful to have a replacement mare out of Whisper, Dylanglen Shadow.  Dylanglen Shadow will remain at Dylanglen Stud as a Pure-Bred brood-mare until she retires.  Curraglen Whisper is now too old to get in foal.

Curraglen Whisper in 2014

Click on the link below to view Curraglen Whisper full pedigree:

Where did the name Curraglen come from?  During the 1980’s Dylanglen Stud entered into a partnership with Curra Stud, due to Curra Stud venturing out of Connemara’s.  We inherited Tyn-E-Ros-Elle, Curra Melody, Connemara Park Kathleen and one other Connemara mare.  Unfortunately one mare died from cancer and one mare did not breed.  On the other hand we were very successful with Curra Melody in the show ring and Pony Dressage at the time and Tyn-E-Ros-Elle lived to a grand old age (having to be put to sleep in the end).  The partnership was essentially a small thing and went by the name of Curraglen.  Hence why Whisper is Curraglen Whisper and not Dylanglen.

moving Whisper & Rose out of the grassy paddock in 2010

Whisper in 2008


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