Woodstock Deltora

Woodstock Deltora
Sire: Casmatarn Billy Jatz Rebel
Dam: Celtic Rosemary
Colour: Grey (Buckskin)
Height: approx 14-14.2h
photo by Tara Roberts December 2013


Deltora is related to one of our foundation Connemara mares through Blandings Biscuit, Lugano Queen of the Fairies (Queenie).  A 14.2h bay mare with the most exceptional temperament we had ever come across (refer to about page).  He have been looking for a pony related to Queenie for a long time.

Connaught of Millfields, the Grand-Sire of Deltora, also happens to be the Grand-Sire of Green Hills Go Go Gal, the other foundation Connemara mare of Dylanglen Stud.  Go was an extremely important part of Dylanglen Stud and was our main competition mare throughout her life.  A main aim of Dylanglen Stud is to keep her bloodlines alive.  Go is the dam of Dylanglen Shamrock.

It is also fortunate that on her dam side she is related to Celtic Sweet Katie.  The Grand-Sire of Deltora is Springfield Devereux, who is also the sire of Celtic Sweet Katie (Sweetie).  She was the sweetest pony, her nature taking after her name.   Ridden by children who could and could not ride, and loved competition.  We miss her dearly.

Click on the link below to view Woodstock Deltora full pedigree:


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