Stock for Sale


  • We require a NON-REFUNDABLE holding deposit on any pony if it is to be held by a potential buyer for any purpose e.g. vet check, obtaining funds, travel by potential buyer.  Under $800 = $80 deposit, over $800 and under $3,000 = $200 deposit & over $3,300 = $300 deposit.
  • Pony will be considered SOLD upon full payment of purchase price to the first person making such a payment unless a NON-REFUNDABLE holding deposit is paid.  Exception applicable on the day the potential purchaser is travelling to view the pony.  
  • Vet check is at the purchaser’s expense.  Vet check is also to be arranged by the purchaser.
  • Full payment is required BEFORE any pony leaves Dylanglen Stud.
  • Transport is to be arranged and paid for by the purchaser.
  • We cannot guarantee adult heights of ponies when sold as yearlings/2 year old’s.  It is up to potential buyers to visually inspect the ponies and/or make their own best assessment.
  • All ponies are taught to lead and tie up before leaving Dylanglen Stud.  
  • We cannot and do not “hold” ponies after purchase/deposit because we hand-feed most of our ponies.  Arrangement for pick-up/transport must be made within 2 WEEKS of purchase/deposit.  No pony can leave the premises until FULL purchase price is paid.  Otherwise an agistment fee will apply.
  • Agistment will be charged weekly if the purchased pony is not transported from Dylanglen Stud within 2 WEEKS after full payment/deposit is received, unless other prior arrangements have been made with the Stud.
  • Any vet bills incurred after purchase/deposit WILL BE AT THE NEW OWNER’S EXPENSE while at Dylanglen Stud on agistment.
  • THERE IS NO REFUND AFTER PAYMENT.  Therefore we strongly recommend insuring the pony once full payment is made.

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