2016 Part-Bred Connemara Foals


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Our prayers were finally answered during February 2016 when Dylanglen Buffy gave birth to a part-bred filly foal by Dylanglen Shamrock.  This is the filly we have been waiting a very long time for!  After 3 colts, Buffy has finally had a filly!  3/4 Connemara and 1/4 Warmblood.

IMG_9448 (2)

We are so delighted with her.  She is an absolutely gorgeous little filly with a very nice presence about her.  Full sister to Dylanglen Red Emperor and Dylanglen Red Baron, half sister to Dylanglen Blizzard.  Her Connemara bloodines include Oxenholm Gideon, Millfields Commodore, Glenormiston McInnerney Muskerry & Aran Milano.

IMG_9445 (2)

She has been named Dylanglen Willow and will remain at Dylanglen Stud to join our part-bred herd.

IMG_9461 (2)

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Willow full pedigree:


IMG_9466 (2)

Our next part-bred bundle of joy arrived during March 2016.  A part-bred colt by Dylanglen Amber Rose x Dylanglen Shamrock.  3/4 Connemara and 1/4 Thoroughbred.

IMG_9417 (2)

He is a lovely looking colt with a cute white blaze and has performance gelding written all over his future.  His grand-dam, Honey, was an ex pony club TB mare of ours.

IMG_9420 (2)

He is also an eye catching little foal.  Dylanglen Shamrock has outdone himself again.  We have named this little guy Dylanglen Axl Rose.  His Connemara bloodlines include Glenormiston Thady (Oxenholm Gideon x Oxenholm Tiffany), Glenormiston McInnerney Muskerry & Aran Milano.

IMG_9421 (2)

Half brother to Dylanglen Honey Rose and a good chance he may be retained at Dylanglen Stud for future riding purposes.  We will have to see what his future holds.

IMG_9425 (2)

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Axl Rose full pedigree:


Dylanglen Titan, settled into his new home



Dylanglen Titan (Sire: Newlands Gideon, Dam: Garnet Oseille) has settled in very well into his new home in Queensland.  We would like to congratulate the owners on their new purchase.  They could not be happier with him and he has already become part of the family.  He is in training to become a future kids pony for the children, but will remain a pony for the whole family.

titan 5Above is Titan when he arrived in Queensland.  It is so good to see him arrive safe and sound.  He coped with the trip very well.  Titan was broken-into saddle by Ritchie Whitehead before leaving Dylanglen Stud.

titan 3

He is progressing nicely and quietly under saddle.  Well behaved and eager to please.  He is a very sweet natured pony and a quick learner.  His new owners love riding him!  It is good news all round!

titan 4We are so happy to see Titan looking so relaxed and at ease at his new home.  He is creating his bond with each family member.

titan 1

Titan’s new life as the family pony and it suits him nicely!  It is wonderful when your ponies go to good homes as they deserve!  The new owners are going to have lots of fun with this lovely pony!  We can’t wait for future updates.

titan 2

Dylanglen Spirit’s first day at Pony Club


Dylanglen Spirit (Larry) had his first day at Pony Club today.  Ridden by Tara Roberts, both pony and rider had a fantastic day together, even through the overwhelming heat.  His spunky little attitude makes him a lot of fun.  Thank you to Josh Mccrea for taking photos for us!

IMG_9169 (2)

He is a very forward moving pony and really covers ground.  He also has a lovely natural rhythm to go with it.

IMG_9140 (2)

Larry is a very smart boy and picks things up rather quickly!  He is also a pony that is willing to work for you as well.

IMG_9146 (2)

His first go at bending today.

IMG_9154 (2)

Above is Larry being cute, as always.

IMG_9161 (2)

He loves attention and loves being ridden.

IMG_9164 (2)

He has huge potential as a super games pony.

IMG_9167 (2)

He was learning barrels today.

IMG_9168 (2)

Trotting through the barrels.

IMG_9173 (2)

Larry and Tara going for a canter.

IMG_9174 (2)

Larry is not showjumping yet, Tara is just cantering him around the jumps.

IMG_9175 (2)

Larry was so well behaved for a green broken pony.  Tara had so much fun with him and no problems at all.  They were a perfect combination today considering this is only the second time Tara has ridden him.  Happy as Larry!

Petajack Belle finds her way to Morven


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Dylanglen Stud is very happy to announce the safe arrival of Petajack Belle at Morven.  She arrived on Thursday and has settled in nicely. A lovely Pure-Bred Connemara Mare standing 13.3h Sire: Glenormiston Oliver, Dam: Wattle Hills Liberty.  Thank you to Jo at Woodstock Connemara Ponies for the chance to purchase this beautiful mare.

IMG_8537 (2)

Belle has received alot of attention since she got here and she is loving it!  Such a quiet and friendly little pony.  Michaela purchased Belle to teach the kids how to ride and handle ponies.  She will primarily reside at Morven and go to the local pony club with Michaela and Ryan.  Kirsty and her girls are also joining pony club this year and will be riding Belle as well.

IMG_8512 (2)

She is currently residing across the lane way from Newlands Gideon and they are staring and chatting to each other.  Little does she know that Giddy is probably her next boyfriend so they are off to a good start!  I think Giddy knows what is going on somehow…  So Belle will have some time off to have a foal in the near future.

IMG_8534 (2)

The above 3 photos were taken today (Saturday).  The next 2 photos were taken on Friday and the last 2 photos were taken on Thursday after she arrived.

IMG_8485 (2)

Belle is also in the closest yard to the house for Ryan, so he can visit her and feed her.  She has already started developing her bond with Ryan and he loves to feed the ponies!

IMG_8486 (2)

Ryan and daddy are trying to get Belle under her shelter.  Belle followed Ryan straight in!  She actually followed Ryan all around her yard…  Ryan loves her!

IMG_8403 (2)

As soon as she arrived she was straight into her food.  She has put her weight back on since arriving here all the way from Milton!  She is in great condition for 20 years old.

IMG_8475 (2)

Click on the link below to view Petajack Belle full pedigree:


Her sire, Glenormiston Oliver, is the full brother of a stallion we once owned years ago, Glenormiston Rossmore.  Rossmore was the sire of the very successful Dylanglen Ringo Starr.  We are particularly delighted to have progeny from Oliver here at Dylanglen Stud.

Holbrook Show 7th November 2015



Dylanglen Stud (Michaela) went to Holbrook Show on foot this year to assist Janine & Emily Saunders (team Blizz) with Dylanglen Blizzard.  Another wonderful day with team Blizz achieving some fantastic results yet again!

IMG_7823 (2)


First Fun Ring Best Groomed Horse & Handler Led Over 14h ne 15h

First Fun Ring Pair of Riders 15 Years & Over

First Fun Ring Ridden Grey Horse or Pony

Second Fun Ring Rider 17 Years & Over

Second Ridden Connemara

Third Fun Ring School Pony

Third Fun Ring Ridden Galloway Over 14h ne 15h

Third Led Show Hunter 14h ne 14.2h

IMG_7439 (2)

Em’s first class for the day was best groomed led horse & handler and she was off to a great start!

IMG_7442 (2)

Em’s second class for the day was rider 17 years and over.

IMG_7447 (2)

IMG_7449 (2)

Em rides Blizz very nicely.  The competition should be worried!

IMG_7467 (2)

Next up was pair of riders 15 years and over.

IMG_7476 (2)

The ponies did a fantastic job not splitting apart even once.  Blizz was a very good boy for his first pairs class with Em.

IMG_7477 (2)

Nice halt girls!

IMG_7494 (2)

Winners are Grinners!

IMG_7543 (2)

First ridden grey horse or pony.

IMG_7676 (2)

The beginning of the school pony workout.

IMG_7689 (2)

That yellow thing makes some noise when Em gets it going!

IMG_7702 (2)

And Em includes a back flip in her workout as well!

IMG_7703 (2)

IMG_7704 (2)

IMG_7705 (2)

IMG_7707 (2)

Then Em runs around behind Blizz and re-mounts from the wrong side!

IMG_7708 (2)

It was a brilliant workout for their first attempt at School Pony together.

IMG_7851 (2)

Janine has learnt that when you own a Connemara Pony, chances are your kids will steal it!  Welcome to the club Janine 🙂

IMG_7912 (2)

And Em’s strapper gets a ride as well.

IMG_7937 (2)

Janine suffering from the loss of her pony, all in good fun.

IMG_7965 (2)

Toby is enjoying the ride, giving his mate a pat.

IMG_7776 (2)

 Janine has her first ride at the end of the day, showing off her ribbon from the led show hunter class.

IMG_7782 (2)

IMG_7789 (2)

Feeling the pinch after losing her pony for the day, all in good fun.

IMG_7802 (2)

IMG_7805 (2)

Blizz is clearly enjoying life with this family. It is great to see him out and about.  Em is doing a great job on a pony who hasn’t even had a year under saddle yet.  Unfortunately we accidentally missed the led part-bred Connemara class.

Introducing Dylanglen Scorpio


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Dylanglen Stud is extremely happy to announce the safe arrival of another pure-bred Connemara filly for the season, Dylanglen Scorpio.  She was named Scorpio because she was born 4 days after Marion’s birthday.  Needless to say, this was an awesome birthday present!

IMG_8107 (2)

Sire: Wembleybrook Giacomo (at stud in NZ) & Dam: Wembleybrook Maera (imp NZ)

IMG_8073 (2)

Scorpio was so cute hiding in the bushes today with her mum.

IMG_8088 (2)

Maera is looking great after only landing in Oz during August this year.  She handled the trip extremely well, considering she was pregnant at the time.

IMG_8097 (2)

Another adorable and lovely looking filly and we are very happy with her.  She has got nice long legs too.

IMG_8085 (2)

Our last expected arrival for the year.  It truly is a season for fillies!

IMG_8080 (2)

Following are some photos of this season’s fillies, taken October 2015.

Atlantic Breeze Oct 2015

Dylanglen Atlantic Breeze

Sire: Gracefield Park Atlantic Swirl, Dam: Dylanglen Breanna Breeze

Bonnie Bay oct 2015.jpg2

Dylanglen Bonny Bay

Sire: Newlands Gideon, Dam: Celtic Kathy O’Hara

rose Petal visit to creek Oct 2015.jpg1

Dylanglen Rose Petal (after playing in the creek)

Sire: Garnet Liberty, Dam: Gracefield Park Briar Rose

Sahara Oct 2015

Dylanglen Sahara

Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock, Dam: Woodstock Deltora

Silhouette Oct 2015

Dylanglen Silhouette

Sire: Garnet Liberty, Dam: Garnet Oseille

Osielle and Silhouette Oct 2015

Dylanglen Silhouette with her dam Garnet Oseille





Dylanglen Red Emperor (Kayzer) News



Dylanglen Red Emperor (Kayzer) looks very happy and settled in his new home.  He is now under saddle and progressing very nicely.  He has real potential as a future performance pony and is well on the way to reaching that potential with Zoe.  Zoe has kindly provided the stud with some great photos.

Red 1st Jum Photo

Kayzer looks like such a natural in these showjumping photos.  He cleared 85cm in the second photo, easily Zoe said.

Red 2nd Jump Photo

He has been out to a dressage and showjumping competition.  Not bad progress for a boy only broken into saddle this year.

Red under saddle at halt

Nice halt.  He scrubbed up rather nicely.

Red under saddle warming up

Above photo of him doing some flat work.

Red in training 1

The last two photos of Kayzer in training were taken back in July 2015.

Red in training 2

It is nice to get these updates from Zoe.  She is doing a marvelous job with Kayzer and the photos speak for themselves!  He has definitely found the right home!  Zoe has made great progress with him, an excellent horse & rider combination.

Dylanglen Red Emperor (Kayzer) is half brother to Dylanglen Blizzard (sold) and full brother to Dylanglen Red Baron (for sale).  Same Dam.

A midnight pony fling at Morven!


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Matt woke up and looked out the kitchen window to check on the ponies.  He was very surprised to see what he saw on this particular morning of the 21st of October.  So out we go to investigate…

IMG_7146 (2)

Our surprise on this particular morning was a beautiful little chestnut filly with two white socks (one front and one back) and a white blaze just like her mother’s.  It did answer the question as to why Gidget was getting so fat…

IMG_7129 (2)

She is a nice and compact little filly with broad shoulders and long legs.  Pictured above and below playing on the day she was born.

IMG_7126 (2)

This little one was not planned or expected so it is good news that all went well and both mother and daughter are doing fine.  It seems that Samarah Park Gidget has been hatching her own plans for a while, with the help of mother nature!

So, if it was a surprise foal, who is the sire you ask?  The story comes next…

IMG_7124 (2)

  After alot of intense thought and discussion as to what may have happened, we do have a suspect based on previous evidence, evidence we remember because it was rather unusual at the time.

Based on large hoof prints found inside the front gate next to Snow Fox’s paddock one morning (many months ago…) we think that this may actually answer that question for us!  What makes it hard to conclude is that no stallion has escaped at Morven over the past 12 months and Gidget was not mated with a stallion, so to speak…  Also, upon finding these hoof prints we checked the paddock and all ponies were exactly where they should be, no-one was out???  We hope to find out that this filly is by Snow Fox, his first foal.  A DNA test will confirm the sire.

IMG_7197 (2)

Officially introducing Dylanglen Midnght Amore, a name we think is appropriate for her creation.  The next few photos (& the one above) were taken when she was nearly one week old.

IMG_7201 (2)

Uncle Wizard looks after Gidget and little Midnight Amore.  Wizard has now become overbooked with little Cosmic Paradise needing an uncle too.

IMG_7205 (2)

Gidget is an excellent mother and very protective, a natural.

IMG_7211 (2)

Midnight Amore is a healthy, happy and playful filly.  The vet agrees & also quite liked her.

IMG_7214 (2)

Potential future adult riding club horse (hopefully part-bred Connemara).

IMG_7254 (2)

Friendly and Inquisitive.

IMG_7283 (2)

She loves going for a run.

IMG_7289 (2)

Dylanglen Stud is absolutely delighted to welcome this beautiful surprise filly into the herd!

IMG_7296 (2)

The final couple of photos of our surprise girl were taken today.

Photos taken by Matt Lawry & Michaela Adams.

IMG_7329 (2)

IMG_7353 (2)

IMG_7323 (2)

We think she is a stunner!

Walbundrie Show 5th October 2015


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Mouse in show ring at Walbundrie Show 2015Dylanglen Stud took Boonahburra Hazy Muskateer (Mouse) to Walbundrie Show for his first ever trip out.  He had Mountain & Moreland Classes and Open Led Pony Stallion.  Led by Matt Lawry.  Our stud was very proud of them, both first timers competing in the show ring.

Mouse & Reserve MM Walbundrie 2015 1


Reserve Champion Led Mountain & Moreland (Pure-Bred)

First Mountain & Moreland Led Stallion or Colt

Reserve Champion Open Led Pony Stallion

First Led Pony Stallion 12.2h and not over 14h

IMG_6926 (2)

Mouse surprised us with how well he behaved himself, considering he is a young colt only turning 3 at the end of this month.  He had a little look and spook at a few things and then he settled down.  He loved all of the fuss & enjoyed his time in the show ring.

IMG_6917 (2)

Matt said Mouse seemed disappointed to come back to the float, he wanted to stay in the show ring where all the action was.

Mouse at float at Walbundrie Show 2015

Mouse before going into the show ring.

Artwork photos taken by Marion Adams.  Other photos taken by Michaela Adams.

Culcairn Show 3rd October 2015


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Dylanglen Stud (Michaela) went to Culcairn Show on foot this year to assist Janine & Emily Saunders (team Blizz) with Dylanglen Blizzard at his first show under saddle.  We all had a wonderful day and team Blizz achieved some fantastic results!

IMG_6668 (2)


Champion Led Part-Bred Connemara

First Led Part-Bred Connemara Stallion, Colt or Gelding

Reserve Champion Led Part-Bred APSB

Second Led Part-Bred APSB Stallion, Colt or Gelding

Second Ridden Part-Bred Connemara

Second Fun Ring Rider 15 & Under 18 yrs

Second Fun Ring Ridden Grey, Chestnut Horse or Pony

Third Rider Over XX Years

IMG_6422 (2)

Champion Part-Bred Connemara

IMG_6336 (2)

Reserve Champion Part-Bred APSB

IMG_6573 (2)

Third Lady Rider (Congrats to Sally on her Connemara for Second Place)

IMG_6648 (2)

IMG_6220 (2)

IMG_6373 (2)

em riding blizz at culcairn show

Congrats on your success Janine & Emily.  All of your hard work is paying off & you deserve these fantastic results!  Blizz is looking amazing!

Go team Blizz!