Dylanglen Token

IMG_9476 (2)

Dylanglen Token (formerly Sir Galahad)
Part-Bred C
onnemara Stallion

Sire: Blandings Beamish
Dam: Mildred (TB)
Colour: Grey
Height: expect to mature approx 15.2h
Born: September 2012

first three photos taken March 2016 by Michaela Adams

IMG_9522 (2)

Dylanglen Token has been bred for performance.  He has a kind and gentle nature and is easy to work with.  He has the movement & athleticism to excel in any chosen performance discipline.

Sold to a performance home in Victoria.  Original plans were to sell Token as a gelding but his new owners have purchased him for a breeding / performance stallion!  Dylanglen Stud is very excited about Token’s future!

IMG_9521 (2)

Dylanglen Token is CPBSA registered and is eligible for APSB registration.

IMG_9495 (2)

Having some fun while taking photos, Rocky had to join in!

IMG_9517 (2)

We kindly thank Kim for these photos of Dylan’s progress (Dylan is his new paddock name).  What great progress in such a short amount of time.  Photos from Dec 2016/Jan 2017.


Photos from early breaking in.


Photo upon arrival (below)


& settled into his comfortable stable for the night.


The next two photos are from June 2015.

above is Galahad looking at the ponies running around the paddock

photos below are Galahad at 7 weeks of age, taken by Tara Roberts

first baby photo

Amber Rose & Honey Rose (left) Mildred & Sir Galahad (right)

Honey Rose and Sir Galahad

Sir Galahad April 2015

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