Dylanglen Titan

Dylanglen Titan
Pure-Bred C
onnemara Gelding

Sire: Newlands Gideon
Dam: Garnet Oseille
Colour: Black/Grey
Height: expect to mature 13.2h
Born: December 2011

first two photos were taken by Tara Roberts on Christmas Day 2014

Dylanglen Titan is a very nice looking gelding with loads of potential as a future show/performance pony.  A pony suitable for the show ring, pony dressage, pony club & adult riding club.  Titan has a kind and sweet nature and is also very friendly.  He will make a great kids pony in the future.  He is very smart and learns quickly and is a pony that likes to please you.

titan 5

Titan has been sold to a wonderful new home in Queensland.  (Pictured above upon arrival at his new home.)  He has settled in very nicely and has become part of the family.  He was broken-into saddle by Ritchie Whitehead before leaving Dylanglen Stud.  Titan has taken everything in his stride.  He has been a wonderful pony for his new owners.  Well behaved, eager to please and he is going quite well under saddle.  He has a bright future ahead of him and will become a pony for the whole family to enjoy, including the kids.

titan 3

Photos courtesy of Titan’s new owner.

titan 1

It is so nice to see Titan settled in so well with his new family.

titan 2

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Titan full pedigree:


Dylanglen Titan RHS

above & below photos were taken in July 2013 by Marion Adams


the last photo is Titan as a foal

Dylanglen Titan October 2012 (1)

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