Gracefield Park Atlantic Swirl

Gracefield Park Atlantic Swirl
Class Two Connemara Stallion
Sire: Exmoor Irish Jack (by Glenormiston Jasper)
Dam: Green Hills Final Fling (by Aran Milano)
Height: 14h
Colour: Bay


above photo taken during 2012

Gracefield Park Atlantic Swirl’s pedigree contains the Blue Line (Exmoor Irish Jack, Abbeyleix Finbar, Cannon Ball) and the Purple Line (Aran Milano, Connaught of Millfields, Carna Dun).  There is another Blue Line (Blandings Bobby, Carna Bobby, Gil) on his sire’s side as well as his dam’s side.  The Red Line is also in his pedigree through Oxenholm Godot and Whalton Sandune.

Dylanglen Stud purchased Gracefield Park Atlantic Swirl as a young colt and future stallion prospect.  Swirl is registered as a Class Two Connemara Stallion with the CPBSA and is also registered with the APSB.  We are very happy that we kept him on as a stallion.  He is a different “type” to our other Connemara stallions.

There were two main reasons for purchasing Swirl.  One was to get the thoroughbred line back into the Stud through Aran Milano, and two Swirl shares the same grand-mother as Green Hills Go Go Gal (our foundation Connemara mare), being Ballydonagh Belle.  Ballydonaugh Belle goes back to Carna Bobby and Gil.

Swirl as a young colt.

Swirl is the sire of our young colt Dylanglen Whispering Jack.  He was running with Curraglen Whisper for over 12 months and we were so very lucky to successfully breed another foal from her.  Jack is Swirl’s first offspring and we are extremely happy with what he produced.

Swirl has a nice gentle nature and sound confirmation.  He is very attractive to the eye and when he stands up he demands presence.  He is a valuable asset to our stud breeding program and no doubt will produce quality ponies for years to come.

Click on the link below to view Gracefield Park Atlantic Swirl full pedigree:

Swirl during November 2010
photo taken by Michaela Adams

Gracefield Park Atlantic Swirl is running with Dylanglen Breanna Breeze (photo taken January 2015 by Michaela Adams).


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