Dylanglen Shadow Rock

Pure-Bred Connemara Colt
Sire: Dylanglen Shamrock
Dam: Dylanglen Shadow

Born December 2014

Click on the link below to view Dylanglen Shadow Rock full pedigree:


Dylanglen Shadow Rock is our potential Dylanglen Shamrock replacement.

Top two photos are foal photos.  Next two photos are Rocky at 3 months old.


 IMG_3391 (2)

Rocky during April 2015.

IMG_3398 (2)

Photos below taken during September 2015

IMG_5194 (2)

Rocky and Matt taking a walk around Rand.

IMG_5189 (2)

Matt standing Rocky up for a photo.

IMG_5153 (2)

Rocky and Matt in deep concentration.

IMG_5107 (2)

Rocky is a ball of energy!

IMG_5108 (2)

Showing off!

IMG_5100 (2)

Rocky in training.

IMG_5092 (2)

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